Catholic Treasure Box


Beautiful things of the Catholic Faith that can Not be Found in Any Other church.

I’m a convert!

And as such I truly realize the Treasure of our Catholic faith. As a child, I attended many different churches; Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, even Mormon.

One day, after becoming Catholic, the Holy Spirit gave me this idea as a teaching aid for CCD classes.  My Faith is like a Treasure!  I went in search of a Treasure box and found this one at a local antique store.  What a Find!  I couldn’t believe it…

And so I began gathering items to put into my Treasure Box;  Blessed Palm Leaves, Holy Water, Blessed Oil, a Crucifix, Holy Cards about the Saints, all the Sacraments (images printed onto cards), Holy Medals, Incense, and of course a Rosary.  Over time, it has grown to include all the items you now see in this photo.

I soon realized that not only are these the beautiful things of the Catholic faith but they are things that you can Not Find in Any Other Faith/Church.  This made my Catholic Treasure Box even more special to me and a better teaching aid especially to older students.

Now as my children are grown and moving away to college, I have decided to make one for each of them.  I figure if they truly want to leave behind this Beautiful Treasure of the Catholic Faith, they will have to physically remove this Treasure Box from their presence.  If you find our Catholic Faith a Treasure, I encourage you to do the same.




My prayer is that you enjoy my images and Give Glory 2 God.
Flickr Image "Healed" ~ at Art4TheGlryOfGod images by Sharon  
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Meditation: What do you most treasure? In a peasant community the best safe was often the earth.  The man in the parable “went in his joy” to sell everything. Why?  Because he found a treasure worth possessing above all else he had…

Meditation: What do you treasure and seek after the most? What do you value above all else? Jesus offers a treasure of incomparable value and worth, but we need healthy eyes – good spiritual vision – to recognize what is the greatest treasure we can possess. What Jesus said about seeking treasure made perfect sense to his audience: keep what lasts! Aren’t we all trying to find something we treasure in this life in the hope that it will bring us happiness, peace, and security?…