“Faith ~ Belief in God’s Promises to Us…”

“Brothers and sisters: Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen.” HEBREWS 11:1

“We walk by Faith, not by sight” ~ 2 Cor 5:7.

Faith is an entirely free gift which God makes to us through the power of the Holy Spirit. Believing and trusting in God to act in our lives is only possible by the grace and help of the Holy Spirit who moves the heart and converts it to God. The Holy Spirit opens the eyes of the mind and helps us to understand, accept, and believe God’s word. How do we grow in faith? By listening to God’s word with trust and submission. Faith also grows through testing and perseverance. The Lord wants to teach us how to pray in faith for His will for our lives and for the things He wishes to give us to enable us to follow Him faithfully and serve Him generously. ” ~ rc.net (meditation 2-11-13)

The necessity of Faith

161 Believing in Jesus Christ and in the One who sent Him for our salvation is necessary for obtaining that salvation. “Since “without faith it is impossible to please [God]” and to attain to the fellowship of His sons, therefore without faith no one has ever attained justification, nor will anyone obtain eternal life ‘But he who endures to the end.'”

Faith – the beginning of eternal life

164 Now, however, “we walk by faith, not by sight”; we perceive God as “in a mirror, dimly” and only “in part”. Even though enlightened by Him in whom it believes, faith is often lived in darkness and can be put to the test. The world we live in often seems very far from the one Promised us by Faith









My prayer is that you enjoy my images and Give Glory 2 God.
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