God’s Art is a Blessing…

Christian Art gives your home or office a #Blessing, a Reminder of Gods #Love and #Mercy.  Images are available through FineArtAmerica or Redbubble. Direct Message me if an image is not yet uploaded…


I post images throughout the day, on my social media websites, Art4TheGlryOfGod, inspired by the daily readings, prayers and meditations.  FaceBookInstagramTwitter


“Artists of the world, may your many different paths all lead to that infinite Ocean of beauty where wonder becomes awe, exhilaration, unspeakable joy. May you be guided and inspired by the mystery of the Risen Christ, whom the Church in these days contemplates with joy. …may your art help to affirm that true beauty which, as a glimmer of the Spirit of God, will transfigure matter, opening the human soul to the sense of the eternal.” ~ Saint Pope John Paul II

“God is an Artist, and the Universe is His work of Art.”~ St. Thomas Aquinas

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